Cultivating a Community Where Everybody Thrives

We offer a lens through which our citizens see a BETTER community. 

Are You Ready for Real Change in Glynn County?

In June 2020, a group of friends got together to discuss the issues that had arisen in their hometown of Brunswick, Georgia. That conversation sparked several "what-if" questions that allowed them to dream about a better future for their city.

    What if Glynn County were more fair and equitable for all of its residents?
    What if voters were better informed and mobilized to vote for equity-based solutions?
    What if we could develop future leaders who cared deeply for real, tangible solutions for Glynn County?
    What if there were an organization that cared about making Glynn County...a BETTER place?

A Better Glynn was created to address those lingering questions. We exist to identify, educate, and equip individuals to be equity-driven decision-makers through civic engagement, policy advocacy, and leadership development.
Through our work, Glynn County will be a community in which ALL people have the opportunity to thrive and will serve as an example for engaging rural communities to advance equity.
Would you join us in that effort?

Help us create A Better Glynn.

Identify. Educate. Deploy.

Our Vision

Glynn County will be a community where ALL people thrive and serve as a template for effective rural community engagement.

3 Key Areas Of Focus For A Better Glynn

Civic and Community Engagement

We offer opportunities to develop an awareness of the political process and campaigns to encourage individuals to vote and participate locally so that citizen involvement and accountability of local leadership are increased.

Social Justice Policy and Advocacy

We offer education on social policies that affect individuals’ security, education, work, health, and wellbeing to build the ability to advocate so that policies are fair, just and create equitable outcomes for all.

Training and Leadership Development

We offer workshops and training that build the capacity of emerging leaders to advance equitable policies and systems and develop preparedness to lead in public and private spaces so that sustainable solutions to community challenges are created and implemented.

"When ALL people thrive, EVERYONE wins."


A Better Glynn is set up for a specific work.

    Our County Engagement Team is responsible for addressing county-specific issues that arise and keeping the community informed and equipped to address those issues.
    Our City Engagement Team is responsible for driving equitable solutions for the city of Brunswick and empowering city residents to create change in their community.
    Our Youth Engagement Team is responsible for engaging, training, and encouraging our youth toward community involvement and cultivating them for future leadership opportunities.

We believe these three focus areas will lead to A Better Glynn.
In our work, we have encountered layers of bureaucratic red tape at the local level in pursuing equitable solutions. But our community has joined us on this journey to peel back those layers and create lasting change. 
We need "co-conspirators" to join us and be in it with us long-term.Every member of our team is closely connected to Glynn County. And that close connection fuels our passion to see our community live up to its potential. We know for a fact that when all our people thrive, then everyone wins.

What Others Are Saying

“Ready to be a part and help set some standards in this community! It is definitely time for a better Glynn.”


Glynn County Resident

“Thank you for the updates and all that you are doing to try and keep our community informed.”


Glynn County Resident

“A Better Glynn is filling a much-needed gap in our community. Glynn County will be better because of the work this team is putting in.”


Glynn County Resident

Our Process







Our Values 

Values drive organizations. Our team here at A Better Glynn seeks to embody these FIVE CORE VALUES. We believe that these values are what lead to BETTER communities when seeking to confront systemic issues.


    Our team consists of men and women who value the mission over personal ego.


    Our team is committed to affirming dignity in men and women in a community that tells them a different story.


    Our team looks to build and develop trust in local leadership.


    Our team believes that the future of Glynn County is in finding equitable solutions to identified issues.


    Our team is committed to organizing with individuals and groups to accomplish ends that benefit the whole community.

BETTER is worth fighting for.