A Better Glynn Presents: Civic Causes

Empowering community members to actively participate in the electoral process.  

Will You Join us in Activating the Community?

For three years, A Better Glynn has worked tirelessly in our community to effect change. One of the ways we have affected change is to encourage community members to register to vote, vote in every election, and hold public officials accountable. We asked:

    How can we get community members to believe in the electoral process?
    What if we made the process of registering to vote accessible to the community?
    Could we create a space for young men and women to learn about history in a unique way?
    What if there was a way that we could bring the issues and resources to the people who are most impacted by voting?

As a result, we put together an initiative called Civic Causes.
Civic Causes was launched to increase an informed electorate in Glynn County that would vote in every election and continue to hold public officials accountable through city and county processes.
Will you join us in mobilizing our community?

BETTER is worth fighting for.